Microsoft Office documents store results of many hours, days or even years of work of practically all office employees and most people who use their computers at home. Microsoft Word dominates the market of word processors, and most if not all documents are stored in RTF and its proprietary DOC formats. Microsoft Excel and its XLS file format dominate spreadsheet market. Most presentations are created in Microsoft PowerPoint and stored in PPT files, and most charts and drawings are drawn in Microsoft Visio and saved as VSD files. Combined, files in these formats occupy significant space on the users' hard drives, and represent hours and hours of work, much more than any other file format.


Odboso File Retrieval is the software which restores Microsoft Office documents. The software enables complete Word/Exce/PowerPoint recovery via the most influential scanning algorithms, maintaining the integrity of the data due to its read-only nature.


Odboso File Retrieval supports the latest version of Microsoft Office including Office 2007, Office 2003, Office XP, Office 2000. Well suited for all the Office documents, the software has the unique ability to end complete and effective Excel recovery.

How to recover deleted Microsoft Office documents?

Step 1:

Launch Odboso File Retrieval, it will pop up “Welcome to recovery Wizard” window, click “Next” to choose storage media devices.

Recover, retrieve, restore deleted files folders from Recycle, Trash Bin


Step 2:

Choose the Microsoft Office document types that you need to recover, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx or others. Then click “Start Scan” to scan your lost photos.

Recover, retrieve, restore deleted files folders from Recycle, Trash Bin


Step 3:

Scan the deleted or lost photos, you can see the scanning process which needs some time

Recover, retrieve, restore deleted files folders from Recycle, Trash Bin


Step 4:

After scanning, you’ll see the lost photos displaying in the program, select them and start to recover. Now you can right click the lost files “Recover” menu, and it will pop-out a window, define a output folder to store the recovered files, then hit “Next” button to start the recovery process.


Download the free trial version from and see for yourself that it is fully capable to do the job!


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